international festival of arts & ideas

may – june 2022

IFAI CONNECT Festival 2022 illustration by John Jennings︎︎︎ co-creator of the graphic novel adaptation of Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler, the book that inspired the programming for the first festival season back in person.  

“Rethink community. Honor the Earth. Embrace your roots. Meet new neighbors. Baila en la calle. Break the fourth wall. Learn something new. Connect with the Festival, and connect it all.
Explore how artistic genres connect to one another, and how our roots intertwine across generations, planting seeds for the future even as we embody the legacies of our past. Our city and community connect us all through shared space and vital issues. The Festival embraces the multi-faceted nature of all of us by finding ways to connect performance and workshop, new skills and old, and strangers through the arts.”

Learn more about the 2022 CONNECT Festival ︎︎︎

Director of Marketing – Lara Ehrlich
Art Director – Yvette Hicks
Marketing Manager – Allison Hadley
Shirt Design, Design Assistance & Marketing
Coordinator – Olivia Narciso